About Us

What is the MSA?

The Muslim Students’ Association at McMaster University strives to serve Islam and the Muslims on campus by providing and facilitating appropriate outlets for Muslim students to practice their faith and fulfill their religious obligations. We provide and maintain prayer spaces on campus, promote strong bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood within the community, establish positive relations with external clubs and organizations at McMaster and neighboring communities and facilitate a variety of events and services for Muslim students and the wider McMaster and Hamilton community.

Our Goals

  1. To provide facilities for daily as well as Friday congregational prayers.
  2. To organize activities of an educational nature which may be beneficial not only to Muslims, but also to non – Muslims.
  3. To organize activities of a social nature for the interaction of Muslims.
  4. To establish an organization that may fulfill any needs a Muslim may have on the McMaster campus, be it social, moral, educational or any other.

Our Services

  • Prayer spaces on campus
  • Jummah congregational prayers
  • Weekly halaqahs
  • Weekly dawah booths
  • Quran buddies program
  • Brothers’ Social Nights
  • Sisters’ Social Nights
  • McMaster Orphan Sponsorship Program
  • On-campus Al-Otrajah Quran program
  • Big Sibs mentorship program
  • Islam Week
  • Qira’atul Quran Competition
  • Eid Comedy CafĂ©
  • Year End Dinner
  • Muslim student housing program
  • Multi-cultural bake sales
  • Community fundraisers
  • Alumni networking nights
  • Community iftars
  • Scholarship mailing list
  • Professional development workshops