Finding a spot that gets you in study-zone is important.  Whether you need an environment that is buzzing with noise to be productive or need pin-drop silence to concentrate or need to work late into the night to finish off work, there are places on campus suitable for every type of student!

Looking for a place with absolute silence to prep for the big test? There are lots of designated quiet study spaces that are sure to meet your needs!  If you are unable to find a spot in one of the silent study areas, empty tutorial rooms are a great alternative!

Mills Memorial Library:  6th Floor

Home of the Humanities and Social Sciences collections, Mills has an entire floor dedicated to silent study.  And when you need to pray, just head downstairs to the 2nd floor prayer corner!

Thode Library:  Basement

Thode houses the science and engineering collection and has ample room for silent study in the basement.  There is even a specific silent study room within the silent study basement if you prefer seclusion while studying.  Bonus:  there is a prayer room in the basement as well!

Health Sciences Library:  Cubicles on First Floor

The big windows by the cubicles let a lot of sunshine in during the day and are sure to keep you going!  Each cubicle has its own outlet so you don’t have to move if your battery is low.  Also, if you need to pray, just head upstairs to the Spiritual Centre in the Hospital.

Health Sciences Library:  Medical History Room

This room is always quiet and has comfy couches in the corner, perfect for taking a mini-break or finishing your readings.   And when it is salaah time, just head upstairs to the Spiritual Centre.

Innis Library:  Back Room

While tricky to find at first, Innis is a great library to escape to.  Not many are aware of this tucked-away library so with fewer distractions, the silent study backroom is sure to get you in study mode!

Mills Memorial Library : 3rd Floor Group Study Rooms

Collaborate with your team in one of the five group study rooms available at Mills.  Rooms have max capacities of 6 and 12.  Book a room online using the Mills Study Room Booking System.

Health Sciences Library - 1st Floor Group Study Rooms

With 15 group study rooms to choose from, HSL is the perfect place for your team meetings.  The rooms are suitable for big teams and small, with maximum capacities ranging from 7 to 24.   Book a room online using the  Health Sciences Library Study Room Booking System.

Innis Library - Group Study Rooms

As Innis is a fairly tucked-away library, you are more likely to find a room for your last-minute team meetings.  With 7 group study rooms suitable for up to 6 people, Innis is perfect for collaborative work.  Book a  room online using the Innis Library Study Room Booking System.

Thode Library - Basement Group Study Rooms

With nine rooms to choose from, you are bound to find a place perfect for you and your group. The rooms have maximum capacities of 4 and 6, suitable for small group studying!

Book a room online using the Thode Library Study Room Booking System 

McMaster University Student Centre (MUSC) - 2nd Floor Conference Rooms

If you need a space to host a meeting for a big team, check out one of the spacious meeting rooms in MUSC.   Book a room online using the  McMaster University Student Center Bookings

Institute of Applied Health Sciences (IAHS): 2nd floor seating area

This seating area is perfect for casual meetings with your group.  Comfy chairs and tables to accommodate last-minute meetings.

Health Sciences Building (HSC): Corner Cafe

The Corner Cafe by the main entrance of the Hospital is open 24 hours.  It has nice seats, tons of outlets and is seconds away from the  Spiritual Centre. This place makes the perfect spot for late night study sessions.

John H. Edgar Engineering Building (JHE) -

JHE is almost always open.  If you are looking for a space to work at late at night with your group or need to stay late to finish an assignment, find yourself a tutorial room and get to work!


This building has tons of tutorial rooms and study tables for you to settle down and get working.

Hamilton Hall (HH)

Make sure to get inside the building before 10 pm.  The friendly staff typically allow students to work late into the night.  The chalk wall study corners by the cafe and study tables on the first floor make the perfect study stations.

Student Centre (MUSC)

Student Centre is the perfect place for the night owls!   There are tons of areas to work  independently or study with a group, ranging from designated study tables on 2nd floor to comfy couches on the 3rd floor.