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There are several places on campus that offer halal food options, to accommodate the diverse population of students.  Halal meats are available regularly  in various dining locations across campus campus. Check the menu boards or simply ask at the location to learn more about the specific halal options that are offered.

The new station at Centro (Commons Building) is the one stop to some of the most delicious halal options on campus.  Paramount offers McMaster students a variety of choices from the Middle Eastern cuisine.

Bridges offers some great vegetarian and vegan alternatives in a perfect location for studying or taking breaks.  Bridges is not wheelchair accessible. 

Location: McMaster’s Refectory Building

Located in MUSC, La Piazza has lots of wonderful halal options as well as pre-packaged kosher sandwiches, danishes and other products.

Location:  McMaster University Student Center (MUSC)

Located in the Commons Building (North Quad),  Centro is one of the largest dining halls offering a wide variety of food options in a relaxing dining atmosphere, which includes a big screen TV and areas for socialization.  There are many halal and vegetarian options at stations such as Sammich, Mama Ghanoush and Pas Noodles.  Tip: Some of the stations make options halal on request so be sure to ask!

Location: Commons Building


Located in the Institute of Applied Health Sciences, the busy café features a self-serve Tim Hortons, offers several vegetarian options such as sandwiches and pastas and halal personal pizzas at the Pizza Pizza station.

Location: Institute of Applied Health Sciences (IAHS)


The Bistro offers multicultural cuisine in a beautiful two-story glass atrium dining area with several halal and vegetarian options.

Location: Mary E. Keyes Residence


Located in the Mary E. Keyes Building, next to the East meets West Bistro, the location features a Tim Hortons and Needa Pita which offers a variety of pitas and sandwiches with halal options.

Location:  Mary E. Keyes Building

Hot dog lovers can enjoy halal and vegetarian options at the yellow and red Willy Dog Cart.

Location: MUSC (Student Centre) just outside of Gilmour Hall

  • It is good practice to ask the location where you are ordering about their halal options - the university tries to cater to students looking for halal options making options with halal meat on request
  • Do not hesitate to confirm that a meal is halal - the hospitality services staff is typically very kind and will check up on ingredients if you inquire
  • Eating on campus while convenient can be quite expensive - try to limit the number of meals outside and pack a lunch or snack
  • If you are on a meal plan, be sure to regularly manage your spending
  • Have a plan for how you will be managing meal card spending - assess how many meals you eat in a day, map out where you can get affordable options depending on your class schedule, limit meals at pricier dining areas on campus (i.e Bridges and Bistro)
  • If you load money on your student card (works for non-meal plan students), you can buy food while limiting your spending to the amount you have loaded onto your card


Located in Westdale Village, a 10 minute walk from campus, Basilique is a halal restaurant with delicious Canadian and Mediterranean options such as pizza, shawarma platters and wraps, poutine, and wings.  They also deliver straight to your door!

Location: 1065 King St W.


A 15 minute walk from campus, Lava Pizza is a take-out and delivery option in the Westdale Village that offers pizzas, wings, shawarmas and fries.  Make sure to ask about their halal options!

Location: 876 King St. W


A five minute walk from campus, Gino's Pizza offers halal pizza options.

Location: 1309 Main St W


A 10 minute walk to some delicious burgers and poutine at Heritage Burgers.  There are many halal options available.

Location: 1481 Main St. W.

A short bus ride away, Osmow's Grill has delicious halal Mediterranean food.   Located in University Plaza, by the Dollar Store, Shopper's Drug Mart and Metro , Osmow's is the perfect place to have a meal after running some errands.

Location: 119 Osler Drive


A short bus ride away into Downtown Hamilton, La Luna is a halal Lebanese restaurant with incredibly delicious food and a nice dining area.

Location: 306 King St. W.