HSR (Hamilton Street Rail) is Hamilton’s municipal transit system.  Full-time undergraduate and graduate students and other eligible students receive an unlimited ride bus pass with the HSR after paying for the HSR fee at the beginning of the Fall semester. Starting September 1st, 2017, the HSR bus pass is also Presto Card that students can use to ride on HSR buses. Student can use the new HSR-U Bus Pass Presto card by simply tapping their card on the HSR bus and showing their McMaster student card to the bus driver.  Students do not need to add any money to use the HSR buses as rides on the HSR are already paid for and loaded.   Bus fare will be applied if the HSR-U  Bus Pass Presto card is used before September 1st.   The bus pass is valid for a 12 month period: from September to August of the following year and can be picked up along with a bi-fold card holder from the McMaster Campus Book Store.


The McMaster HSR U-Pass PRESTO card can be used on the GO transit as well as municipal transit agencies in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) and Ottawa.  GTHA transit agencies where PRESTO cards can be used include MiWay, Brampton Transit, Durham Region Transit, Oakville Transit, Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), York Region Transit/VIVA and UP Express. You can load your PRESTO card on campus at The Compass, located on the first floor of the McMaster University Student Center (MUSC). Other options for loading cards include loading your card online or asking a GO Transit bus driver to load money on your card (cash accepted only) while getting on the bus.

  • Check the balance on your PRESTO card in advance to avoid running out of money and missing your bus
  • Always carry cash - in case of emergencies or last-min card load while getting on the bus
  • Put your card on Auto-load so that it  never goes below a certain amount
  • Buses between 3 - 6 pm have a long line-up so make sure you come early!
  • During the winter, opt for earlier buses to avoid delays
  • During rush hour, grab a seat near the front if you are getting off at a stop like Burlington or Bronte
  • Rule of thumb: come at least 5 minutes before your bus arrives
  • Student card/HSR U-Pass PRESTO card
  • Cash
  • Mini-schedule for your wallet (Available at Compass for free)
  • Book
  • Umbrella
  • Extra pair of socks
  • Gloves and a hat



The Security & Parking services at McMaster University strive to provide the McMaster community with safe and well-maintained parking spaces.   From monthly parking passes to a day pass, there are many opportunities for students, faculty members and visitors to park on campus.



A cheaper alternative to parking on campus is renting a driveway at a house close to campus.  Students often rent their driveway to commuters to park their cars for the day.  You can a rent a driveway for a short term period or continue to rent a driveway for the whole school year.  To find a driveway to rent, make or search for a post on Kijiji or the McMaster Free & For Sale facebook group or simply, ask students you know living in off-campus student housing about renting their driveway.


Finding your way around campus can be challenging at first but learning about these routes and shortcuts can help you save on time!


From the GO Station, walk east towards the Campus Security Services office and in the direction of the John H. Edgar (JHE) building.  Turn right when you are between JHE and ABB.  Walk through the path (between the two buildings).  When you come to the paved road, cross the street towards the Institute of Applied Health Sciences (IAHS) building.  Once you cross the street, take a left and cross the street again.  Turn right and walk straight.  T-13 is the building on the left, facing you.

Exit from the side of MUSC.  Walk straight towards the Michael DeGroote Center for Learning and Discovery (MDCL) and keep walking until you get to the Health Sciences Building (HSC).  Cross the street, turn right and walk past the Psychology Building.  Turn left at the crosswalk and walk straight.  T-13 is the building on the left, facing you.


Go to the 2nd floor of JHE and walk towards the Engineering Student Services Office.  Cross the indoor bridge across from the Office door and enter ABB.  Go downstairs, walk towards the end of the hallway and take a right.  Take the first left after you pass the Chemistry Department.  Exit the doors and walk straight towards Thode Library.

Proceed to the 2nd floor of HSC, towards the Health Sciences Library entrance.  Turn left (HSL should be on your right) and continue straight, past the set of purple elevators and past the set of blue elevators.  A sign that says "Bridge to MDCL" should appear on your left.  Turn left and continue straight.  You will be on 2nd floor MDCL after the bridge walkway.

Proceed to the Undergraduate Chemistry Department. Take the first left after you pass the Chemistry Department.  Exit the doors and walk straight towards Thode Library.