Rush to prayer.  Rush to success.

Sisters' Office:  From the main entrance, turn right and walk down the hall towards the water fountain.  The sisters office is the first door after the water fountain on the left hand side.

Brothers' Office:  From the main entrance, turn right and walk all the way down the hall towards the exit.  The Brothers' office is the last door before the exit on the left hand side.

From the hospital's main entrance, turn left at the Corner Cafe and walk to the end of the hall to the Spiritual Center.

From the Health Sciences Library, go to the upper level and turn right at the library exit and walk straight till you see the washroom signs.  Turn right towards the Spiritual Center.

Friday prayers are held at DBAC - Smith Gym or the Dance Studio.  If you get lost, just follow the sea of Muslims flooding into DBAC or ask a staff member.

Smith Gym: From the main entrance, walk straight past the Help Desk and squash courts and take a right at the end of the hall. Then, turn left and follow the hallway down.  When you get to the help desk, turn left again and walk all the way down the hall and turn right from there.  Walk down the hall until you reach Smith Gym.

Dance Studio: From the main entrance, walk past the squash courts, turn  left to the elevators and take the elevator to get to the 2nd floor.  Take a right towards the track and turn right again and walk to the end of the hall.  The Dance Studio will be on your right.


Walk straight, past the washrooms by Mills Commons and go straight till you reach the windows.  Turn left and walk down the hall to the movable shelves.  You should find prayer mats and hijabs on the moveable shelf.

From the main entrance, turn left and go downstairs to the basement.  Turn left towards the silent study area, then turn right when you see the Silent Study room and walk to the end of the hall.  The prayer room is the room on the left of the Silent Study room.

  • While there are designated spaces on campus to pray, do not be afraid of finding an appropriate space to pray in places besides the prayer rooms - Salaah comes first!
  • Keep salaah, especially Friday prayers in mind while making your schedule and plan accordingly
  • Guard your salaah - try to establish a habit of praying on time as best as you can
  • Carry a pocket prayer mat with you
  • Download a prayer and qiblah locater app
  • If you're trying to find the Qiblah and have no compass/app - keep T-13 in mind to figure out the right direction (or ask a fellow Muslim)
  • Once you have your schedule, plan out where you will pray during classes/breaks
  • If there is a class, tutorial or lab that conflicts with prayer,  talk to your lab partner/supervisor/prof/TA and excuse yourself for a short prayer break


There are 2 khutbahs every Friday, typically in the David Braley Athletic Center (DBAC) - Smith Gym or Dance Studio.


The masjid - a place to pray, gather and serve to benefit the community.  In addition to being places of worship, the mosques in Hamilton have various programs and services for the community such as Quran memorization programs, tutoring services, monthly food bank, halaqahs, student nights and youth trips.

Downtown Hamilton Mosque

221 York Boulevard.

Hamilton, ON L8R 1Y6

Mountain Mosque

1545 Stone Church Rd. E

Hamilton, ON  L8W 3P8

Umar Mosque

734 Rennie St.

Hamilton, ON L8H 3R2